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   Dr. Charles R. Glass, ATP

  Executive Director

  Bailey Military Institute


I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the second Executive Director of BMI. With Mr. Fred Lewis as our new Deputy Director, BMI is in a strong position to continue the 21-year legacy of Aviation Hall of Fame member, General John H. Bailey II. As Mr. Lewis continues his duties as Operations and Logistics Officer plus Dean of Academics for grades K – 12, I will concentrate on post high school education opportunities and increase funding to the Institute. We both have a heart to make a difference in the lives of diverse communities and will reach out to likeminded stakeholders to help us build a broad pathway to success.  

To further introduce myself, I am a professional aviator and educator with a broad outlook on developing students using interdisciplinary techniques and approaches. My professional goal is to strengthen the training, planning, and designing of new methodologies that stimulate student interest in career opportunities in aviation and other related S.T.E.M. fields. I am a creative, result-oriented professional with solid accomplishments in leadership, management, aviation, education, research, training, consulting, and audio/video productions. 

I am also an Eagle Scout, former Navy Officer, Eastern Airlines pilot, commercial drone pilot, and university professor. Additionally, I have received funding from the Office of Naval Research, Texas Department of Transportation, Transportation Research Board, U. S. Coast Guard, and the Department of Education to develop innovative strategies to recruit, retain, and graduate students into S.T.E.M. related careers. Over 400 individuals from our community are functioning as aviation professionals around the globe as a result of collaborations with faculty, administrators, students, and stakeholders.   

As Executive Director, I plan to: 1) secure office and classroom space at William P. Hobby Airport, 2) establish a workforce development initiative to prepare students for careers in airport management, air traffic control and the civilian use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS - Drone) technology, 3) seek Memorandums of Agreement with S.T.E.M. organizations and educational institutions, and 4) establish a nationally recognized aviation research center.

Vision -- I seek to:

  1. Equip the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) of aviation professionals to design, construct, process data, develop software, assess avionics, pilot, research, and manage the air transportation system. 

  2. Continue the legacy of General John H. Bailey II and the Bailey Military Institute.    

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