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The Bronze Eagles receiving a Mayoral Proclamation from the City of Houston

From left to right: Ed Kimbrough, City Council Member Jerry Davis, Wanda Kimbrough, Marvin Smith, Dr. Pamela Denkins, Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Cohen, Anthony Hall, Cheryl McNair, Fred Lewis, James Miller, Justin Fuentes, Edward Abram, and Council Member Dwight Boykins


The Bronze Eagles Flying Club of Texas (BEFC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of aviation. The Club has chapters in several cities in Texas; and it is an affiliate of the Black Pilots of America.

The aims and purposes of BEFC are:

  • To train youth toparticipate and advancein various types ofemployment within thefield of aviation.

  • To stimulate andencourage broader jobopportunities for under-privileged youth in allphases of aviation.

  • To encourage youth toenter the field of aviationand to remain in school byshowing films andlecturing in schools onopportunities in the fieldof aviation.

  • To organize and set up aschool for such training.

  • To develop scholarshipsfor youth who will partakein such training anddevelopment.

  • To acquire, own, hold,sell, lease, pledge,mortgage or otherwisedispose of any property,real or personal,necessary to theoperation of theOrganization.


For more information contact The Bronze Eagles Flying Club of Texas by clicking the link below.


The Bronze Eagles

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