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Dear Friends,

As you know we are in phase II of operations at Bailey Military Institute, which means it's time to assemble the supplies, equipment and facilities needed to initiate residential instructions for intermediate and high school Cadets. There are several ways you may participate in this endeavor. You may purchase a Brick towards the construction of the Student Union Building and Field House, purchase a book for the Library or make a donation to the scholarship fund.

Attached is specific information about the methods of participation and how you will be recognized for each. Please let us hear from you.

John H. Bailey, III Trustee

BMI Scholarship Campaign

Purpose: To provide scholarships to academically gifted and financially challenged students.

Scholarship amount, name and Presentation: State law requires a minimum of five thousand ($5,000.00) to be in a scholarship fund before the scholarship is official. Therefore as donations reach $5,000.00 BMI will begin awarding scholarships ranging from $250.00 to $2,500.00 to deserving students.

Recognition: Names of donors will be included on the Certificate of Scholarship presented to the Cadets and in the Annual Campaign Report presented at the Annual Recognition Dinner.

To donate to the scholarship campaign please go to our Tax Deductible Donations section and visit either "Sponsor a Student" or "Monetary Donations".

BMI Brick Campaign

Purpose: To purchase and attach bricks to structure.

Cost: $19.95 per Brick.

Recognition: Brick will bear your name or the name of the person you designate.

You can purchase bricks by going to "Brick Campaign" under the Tax Deductible Donations section.

BMI Book Campaign

Purpose: To collect suitable books for Bailey Military Institute.

Type of Books desired: Bibles, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias,Historical Series Books, Literature, Officer and NCO Guides from all branches of the service as well as painting and prints. (Any book suitable for library shelves will be accepted).

Recognition: Books donated to BMI will have the name of the donor or person it I presented in honor of stamped on the inside of the cover.

To donate a book please deliver them to:

Bailey Military Institute Book Campaign 2626 S Loop Suite 650-K Houston, TX 77054

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